The Codfish Cowboy

The Codfish Cowboy- How it All Began…..

Growing up in Oklahoma, I was like any other child. I had dreams! Really big dreams. I wanted to change my name to Candi (and obviously dot the “I” with a heart), and I wanted to be the owner of a store. My dreams began to take shape when I was 9 years old. My first “store” was located in Bixby, Oklahoma, at my unassuming Aunt Mary’s house. Let me get more specific here – it was in my younger cousin Christopher’s bedroom. There I sold his personal belongings from his window to the other neighborhood children, and then pocketed all the profits (talk about low overhead). Don’t worry, Christopher eventually hit puberty, got a black belt in karate, several Oklahoma state championships in sharp shooting, and a law degree. Obviously, I had no choice but to move on from selling his New Kids on the Block collector cards and Skeletor figurines, and formulate a new business plan.

Fast forward about 25 years, and a lot has changed (thankfully not my name- I decided to stick with my parent’s original choice and leave Candi for another lucky dreamer). I knew I could do something with my midwestern/southern sass and pride, so I brought it to a bustling beach town in the northeast. Now the entire neighborhood can get their hands on some original and handcrafted collections without having to stop in at Christopher’s bedroom window.

You see, big dreams do come true, and so the Codfish Cowboy was born! Ya’ll come on in and see me!


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